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Lay summary upload form

Please complete the form below to upload your lay summary of a scientific e-print. For more information on how to create your lay summary and the uploading process please see video guides in our How does it work? section. See our Author’s Guidance.


IMPORTANT: Before uploading your lay summary, please watch our video: What permissions do I need to upload my lay summary of a scientific article? For further information on permissions and open access see here.


Lay summary type:

(Max 800 words (+/-10%): in spoken form this is approximately equivalent to an 8-minute video/audio) for either one (or all) of the following formats:

  1. Video (.mp4, ideally with Codec H.264 and audio codec AAC, but can be other formats recommended by the YouTube Support Team) Please note: AVI videos are not recognised.
  2. Audio (please use the exact same format as video so we can add this our YouTube channel - why not pick an engaging background picture for this?)
  3. Infographic (JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, Webp, TIFF and PDF)
  4. Written lay summary (Text box below and MS Word, PDF)

IMPORTANT: If you’re uploading an .mp4 video/audio file, please DO NOT add subtitles as these will be added automatically once we have uploaded it to The Collaborative Library YouTube channel. When uploading video/audio lay formats, you can also add a written version, graphics or infographics to accompany the video/audio. PLEASE: save/label any uploaded files with exactly the same lay summary title as you choose below - this will be more easily recognised by Google searches.

You can upload one (or all) of the following:


Please provide the details for the e-print(s) below you based your lasy summary on:


Please attach a corresponding lay description and quality assessment checklist(s) you can find in the Glossary here.

Please refer to the original quality assessment checklist(s) directly to ensure that you haven’t missed anything. Feel free to use the comments boxes below each item to clarify anything that is unclear or exceptional in lay terms. When completing this, if you cannot find the relevant information in the e-print, please remember to check other related documents (e.g., the study protocol etc.) You can include more than one checklist for the “40. Mixed methods option”, if you wish.

If you know of any other quality assessment checklists not included in this Glossary list, but you feel should be included (and has a Creative Commons CC 1.0, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA copyright permissions license or as copyright holders who are willing to grant this use), please get in touch with us at

You as authors and those agreeing to vet the lay summary confirm that:

  • Your summary is based on one of the following e-prints of a peer-reviewed published article: pre-print, post-print or published article issued with a Creative Commons (CC) CC 1.0, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA license without any additional copyright restrictions from the publishing journal, if relevant. Or, in the case of author nominal copyright, written permissions have been provided.
  • You have used copyright and royalty free images, music and other media in your lay content. See our video which explains how to use copyright and royalty free images, music and other media in your lay content
  • Your summary offers a factual and engaging account of the original e-print.
  • You have provided accurate account of the type of study and optional corresponding quality assessment tool as best to your knowledge.

Videos: Please note once uploaded, our team will process your submission within 7 working days and we will complete the following:

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