So, heavy metal makes people angrier, right? Video lay summary

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Title of lay summary So, heavy metal makes people angrier, right? Video lay summary
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Dr Kate Quinn

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Title of the original peer-reviewed published article: Extreme metal music and anger processing
Journal Name: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Year of publication: 2015

Leah Sharman

Genevieve Dingle

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  1. Kate, I loved the soundtrack 😆 do you mind sharing what song did you use?

    As far as I know, our voice box operates even when we are listen, tightening its muscles in the same way as another person whom we listen. So, listening to “angry” music or songs our body stiffs as if we were screaming ourselves. At least I would suggest that 🤔 without making a proper reference research 😆
    It would be interesting to study if the feeling of lightness and relaxation after listening to heavy music can be associated with the processing of emotions through bodily sensations instead of surprising and ignoring them.

    1. Hi Yulia, it’s Riffs For Days – TrackTribe from YouTube! Which study are you referring to, is there a title or DOI? I heard Kate is due to make a come back soon with follow-up metal summaries.

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