Let’s talk about sex… in men with spinal cord injury: Video lay summary

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Title of lay summary Let’s talk about sex… in men with spinal cord injury: Video lay summary
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Dr Anja Harrison

Vetting Professional Dr Anthony Harrison
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Key Search Words

Male sexuality

Sexual satisfaction


Sexual health

Spinal cord injury

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Title of the original peer-reviewed published article: Examining the psychological and emotional experience of sexuality for men after spinal cord injury
Journal Name: Cogent Psychology
Issue (if applicable): 1
Page numbers (if applicable): 1-17
Year of publication: 2020

Jacqueline D. Kathnelson

Christine M. Kurtz Landy

David S. Ditor

Hala Tamim

William H. Gage

Contributors and funders:

No conflict of interest reported

Original Article language: English
Article Type: Semi-structured interview study
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