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We will attract millions of viewers ranging from professionals and students to the wider public. Perhaps you’re offering an educational service or a go-to-guru for tech skills our members need to make their lay summaries perfect. Or maybe you run an impact-tracking or media creation company, or are an independent science bookstore?

For only £10 a month you can add a listing to our business directory, and for £15 a month your listing will be featured on the side bar of every page (along other businesses and at random), to draw visitors to your business.

 Wouldn’t it be nice to contribute to making the Collaborative Library a sustainable free resource, whilst at the same time growing your business? Win-Win 🙂

Our terms are simple:

We review all submissions received for any issues with your business reputation – this is normally done within 36 hours.  We provide no guarantee that we will accept your listing.  If we find unduly negative information about your business, then we will decline to list you as we wish to protect our own reputation and protect our visitors.  In this instance, we will immediately inform you of this, refund your payment and cancel your subscription.  Our decision in this sense is final and we will not enter discussion should we choose to not accept your listing – although we will tell you why!

If you have alternative business names and/or locations to promote, each one should be entered and paid for separately (even if they do the same thing).  The basic principle is one listing promotes one business name at one address. 

 There is no long-term contract.  We like to keep things fair and simple. 

 Anything else you want to confirm?  Just ask us!


The Collaborative Library Team

Please find our business directory here and to add a listing of your own, click here.

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